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Frequently Asked Questions

When can I expect my order to arrive? 
Your print will be designed within 3 days of placing your order. Shipping itself usually takes between 2-5 days. 

I'd like to print the time my baby was born, instead of length. Is that possible?
Yes, just put the time in the length field when customizing your print!

My frame only arrived with two pieces, what happened? 
This is quite a common question. Since your frame is magnetized and bundled together, many assume there are only two pieces. But in fact, those pieces break into two, so you should have 4 total pieces of wood. A set of instructions on how to hang may help explain a little more.

I want to see what my baby's name looks like before I place the order.
Unfortunately, since each name is custom designed, this isn't possible. Each name will have the same look and feel as our other examples. For the Original Design, depending on the characters and layout, more or less foliage will be included. 

What kind of wood is the frame made out of?
The frame is a medium tone teak wood. It may vary in color slightly depending on the tree it was sourced from. 

Are all sales final?
All sales are final. However, if there is a mistake (typo, smudge, or damage during shipping) we will ship you a reprint.

I want to purchase a birth stats print as a baby shower gift. How would that work?
You can purchase the Baby Name Print instead.